Major Taylor


The History of the Major Taylor Cycle Club                                                                             


    Long ago in Americana history existed a Negro Baseball League. The Negro National League was later formed in 1933, followed by the Negro American League, which was chartered in 1937. These two leagues thrived until the color line was broken. The demise of the Negro Leagues was inevitable as the younger black players were signed by the white major league franchises.


    In the early seventies, two sisters from Brooklyn, New York, Lucille and Mildred Smith started a cycling group, as a result of inspiration from their sister Annette. The group was known as the L & M Tourers. The sisters were not openly welcomed by other clubs around New York City. They formed the L & M Tourers to attract black cyclists. The first season started with one bike tour and several cyclists. From the latter part of the 1970s into the early 1990s, the active members thrived. As time went on more and more of the black cyclists became members of other clubs. (Sound familiar?)


    The year 2000 brought on a name change from L & M Tourers to L & M Cycling Club. In 2002, we adopted a new name: Major Taylor Cycling Club (MTCC). The name memorializes the greatest African-American cyclist to-date! With the new name, our multicultural bike club has become affiliated with other clubs both local and national. These new affiliations as expected have rejuvenated the club and brought back the great camaraderie started by Lucille, Mildred and Annette. Hopefully, after reading this you will make Major Taylor Cycling Club a regular part of your cycling agenda.